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Hull Street
2820 Hull Street
Richmond, VA 23225

Grove Road
736 Grove Road
Midlothian, VA 23114

Custom Auto, Inc
1008 North Sheppard Street
Richmond, VA 23230

West End
Conner Brothers Collision Centers
2584 Gayton Centre Drive
Richmond, VA 23238

  • When it comes to Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s Do I need an appointment is close to the top of the list?  We do take walk-ins however, the easiest way to guarantee an estimator will be available would be through an appointment. In the event you have an insurance estimate, be sure to tell the estimator. We will utilize the estimate in hand. Most of the time we can begin the repair process with that estimate. Normally estimates take around 30 minutes to complete depending on the level of damage. The goal we have for any estimate is to provide the groundwork in which repairs can begin and ensure your vehicle proceeds through the repair process smoothly.
  • Will you accept my insurance?
    Definitely. Conner Brothers works with all insurance companies
  • Can you match my paint?
    This is another one of the popular FAQ’s we receive.  We certainly can! We utilize a computerized paint system that is updated daily with the latest colors mixed around the world for cars just like yours. This allows us to have most up to date formulas for matching colors. More about paint click here.
  • Do you have towing?
    Yes, Conner Brothers has partnered with four local tow companies. Give us a call and we will schedule a tow. Or you can ring them directly:
    My Tow Company – 972-1138
    Carroll’s Towing – 353-0173
    Ronnie’s Wrecker Service – 272-3208
    Green’s towing – 378-5004
  • When can you start working on my car ?
    We can begin work on your car as soon as you drop it off. Repairs normally begin within minutes of the drop off time.
  • How long will it take to fix my car ?
    This is the million dollar question … Our management team labors over this question throughout the year. How do we effectively communicate the complexity of the question asked? There are so many variables in the equation that sometimes it is hard to pinpoint an exact date. The shop manager at our south side location came up with this association… The answer to the is question can be found in Einstein’s theory of Relativity E=mc2
    E = (expeditious repairs)m = ( multiple parties (customer, insurance company, parts vendors, sublet vendors, etc…))
    c (coordination squared)

    At Conner Brothers we start off with a date based on the initial estimate. If a supplement (fancy industry term for “additional repairs”) is involved, we make adjustments to the completion date to allow for timely delivery of parts and any additional labor that is required to repair the vehicle back to its pre-loss condition. A lot of times we are able to continue the repair process while parts are being delivered. We are confident that we can pinpoint the exact date once all the parts have arrived.
  • What are your hours of business ?
    Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm. However, if these hours are not convenient, we are always willing to meet you outside of these hours to make it easier for you.
  • Why aren’t you open on Saturdays?
    We want our staff to be with their families on the weekends. We are a family business and we recognize the need for family time. In our fast paced world we live in, it is hard to find time for our families. We set aside Saturdays and Sundays for our staff to spend it with their families.
  • What kind of parts are going to be used in repairing my car?
    The first question that has to be answered here is…are you an insured or a claimant. As a claimant you have more rights under Virginia Laws. As an insured, a lot of times you have already agreed to using certain parts when you purchased your insurance.Here at Conner Brothers we prefer to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.
    Sometimes other manufacturer’s parts fit the vehicle well and other times they don’t. These “Aftermarket” parts are certainly less expensive to use than OEM parts and that is why many insurance companies quote them on their estimates. What a lot of customers are not aware of is that their insurance company has already spelled out the use of such parts in the policy they signed when they purchased their insurance. It is that contract that usually dictates how much the insurer is willing to spend on repairs. This doesn’t mean that you the customer have to accept “Aftermarket” parts on your vehicle. You do have a choice in the repair process, but you may be responsible for the difference between the cost of the “Aftermarket” part vs. the “OEM” part.
    As a claimant the insurance company has to put your vehicle back to its “pre-loss” condition. So the question to ask is…”did my vehicle have any “aftermarket” parts on it before this accident?” If the answer is no then you are not required to use them now. Without a doubt, insurance companies will balk at this idea saying “Aftermarket” parts are okay because its accepted in the market place. Thank goodness the laws are on your side. Conner Brothers will always push to use OEM parts!